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Maid Service

Healthienvironments offers multiple schedules that will allow you to customize the maid service according to your lifestyle and cleaning needs. You may choose to have the maid service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or just for that special occasion that suddenly comes up. Below you will see the guideline for our cleaning tasks performed during each maid service. For your convenience, we have also listed all additional tasks that may be provided at a little extra charge.
* Countertops
* Sinks
* Appliances
* Stove (everything movable)
* Microwave (in/out)
* Oven (outside
* Refrigerator (top/front)
* Window (over sink)
* Floor washed
Bathrooms :
* Showers (tile, tracks, doors)
* Toilets
* Basins
* Tubs
* Vanity Tops
* Mirrors
* Metal Fixtures
* Floors washed
Rooms :
* Furniture dusted/polished
* Light fixtures and miniblinds dusted
* Window sills
* Mirrors
* Carpets vacuumed
* Floors washed
* Cobwebs removed
* Fingerprints cleaned
* Trash emptied
* Ceiling fans dusted
Alternating Tasks :
* Furniture vacuumed
* Leather furniture (light cleaning)
* Baseboards dusted
* Kitchen Cabinets polished
Available Tasks (extra charge)
* Refrigerator (inside)
* Oven (inside)
* Windows and screens washed
* Leather furniture (deep cleaning)
* Artificial flower care
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